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The Thing On The Top Of The Stairs

Well, episode five. Sort of a mini-milestone, don’t ya think? I’ve really gotten myself used to working on this comic. In fact, just so you know, I pencil on Wednesday nights, and ink Thursday through Saturday evenings for as long as it takes to finish. I scan it into Photoshop on Sundays, and color and put the wording in then, too. And now, it’s on to the viewers. In this issue, the Dundering Duo find themselves a new ‘houseguest’ and, well, things of an odd nature take place. Oh, and it say ‘To Be Continued’ at the end, and, in this case, it will be but you’ll have to head on over to my weekly mini featuring the reasonable facsimiles of these two (and more) to find out! The link is on the right side of the page under ‘Boner And Punkin Mini’ or else, here:

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


COmic 5


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