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It Was A Dark And Smarmy Night…

     First off, I’d like to thank those of you who had the time to comment and email me some constructive thoughts and suggestions, and I have taken one in particular to heart. I understand the font style I chose was a bit tough to read, so I have changed it and made it all black. That ought to help. Anyway, I know I just put a comic up a few days ago, but I wanted to start right with my Sunday deadline, so, here is the official FIRST EPISODE and the rest will follow each Sunday. Oh, and check out some of the links i put up, I’d bet the authors and artists would truly appreciate it. Enjoy!

Stew                                              BONER 3


One Response to “It Was A Dark And Smarmy Night…”

  1. This text is much easier to read and follow. Thanks for fixing it!

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