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Thursday: Random Thought Day I

Today is officially RANDOM THOUGHT DAY the FIRST and, such as it is, I am going to write about some. So, everyone who reads this, send me a few comments with nothing but random, arbitrary, and disconnected thoughts pertaining to precisely nothing. Hey, it’ll be fun and maybe we can all learn something… but I kind of doubt it.

A: I am so unbelievably tired of prime-time ‘game’ shows featuring any number of mental patients who, for some unknown reason, assume that they can carry a tune. Look, I’m no Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow by any means (thank goodness) but I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I can sing far better than ninety-nine percent of these tone-deaf, in-bred, slack-jawed dip sticks. So, I suppose what is ultimately worse, is that I’ve actually bore witness to a few of said programs. I’m will now bash my skull in with a can of peas.

B: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I absolutely abhor heat and everything it stands for. So, lucky me, we here in Kalamazoo, Michigan have been ensconced in a heat wave so languid and oppressive as to render me almost weak in the knees. And it’s not even the fact that it has been hot and humid enough here to fully cook pork, it’s the simple knowledge that our power bill has reached quadruple digits since we’ve had to run our air conditioning non stop. Good grief, it’s so dry in here a prairie dog moved into our family room.

C: It appears that basically everything my children possess has been manufactured in China. Normally this would be swell since, let’s face it, when it comes to toys based on cartoon and movie characters, China kicks ass. But now, since our good old Communist Consumer Creating Cohorts have decided to break all the provisos and use lead-based paint in more or less everything they make, I have to be more vigilant when Simon starts chewing nonchalantly on Diego‘s foot. Have you seen the toy recall list? It’s like Santa’s toy scroll: endless and varied in it’s profoundness. Fortunately nothing we own has made an appearance on it yet, but the way China’s going, I’d better start burning the stuff now just to avoid the rush.

D: I have found a new ‘drug’ and it has consumed a small portion of my life. I have been playing an online game since April called THE KINGDOM OF LOATHING and it is a work of pure, sweet, sweet, evil beauty. If you haven’t been privy or been brought on board by a friend, might I suggest that you drop everything (crack pipes, that shotgun, you child) and make a trip over to:

You’ll thank me later.

E: Since decided to start the process of publishing my own blogged weekly comic, I though it wise to give a whoop whoop to a few comics I read daily so you can get a good dose of hilarity in your day. I’m not in the mood to write lengthy links, so just chuck these names into your favorite browser and prepare for Chuckle Town USA: BOB THE ANGRY FLOWER, GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS, PVP, and OCTOPUS PIE. You can now see why I chose to promote my artwork thusly; if these cats can do it, so can I. Oh, and while your at it, my MySpace bud Neil Bryer has a comic on MySpace called ‘The Wombat’, also hysterical and well worth the time to check out.

F: Why do they always save the good news for last? Nothing is more of a soul-rending downer than having to sit through murder, car accidents, explosions, fires, weather destruction, war, and outright pissy news stories before the reporter finally says, “In other news, sixteen kittens were rescued today by an adorable six-year old while she was prancing through a tulip field on her way to granny’s house.” It’s disheartening and downright draining. I propose we petition to get the good stuff first and then we get the list of crap I just mentioned second. It’s the whole why-people-eat-chocolate-covered-insects thing… see what I mean?

And so it ends… this time. But unlike marked holidays, one never knows when RANDOM THOUGHT DAY the SECOND will arrive… always look behind you



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