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Finally! Some DAMN Art Work, Already!

Ok, here’s the first glimpse at the NEW WEEKLY STRIP fresh from my mind to your eyes! It’s going to be a little Goth/Horror/Comedy thing with maybe some fun Lovecraft/Poe silliness thrown in for flavor. Yes, it sounds odd and looks a slight bit odder, but I think you’ll come to enjoy it. Take a gander! Oh, fear not, the Blog will continue on its current course, perhaps shaved down to twice a week depending on, well, a smattering of things, but the comic will appear Sunday nights. And there you have it. Bye!   Oh, and CLICK on that rascal for a larger version!

Stew                                                   boner.jpg


One Response to “Finally! Some DAMN Art Work, Already!”

  1. goodie-goodie…looking forward to more artwork, Stew!

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