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Buddy-Head Turns Six

     My biggest buddy turns six tomorrow. Our littlest baby, premature to the Nth degree and hospitalized after birth, has become one big boy. And he turns SIX tomorrow. Wow, I can sit here and reminisce with relative ease about that long and trying month back in 2001 when Charlie, so tiny and meek, made his appearance into the world. I could hold him in one hand and very little of him spilled out. He was rushed to an incubator and their he stayed, in the P.I.C.U. for the whole month from August 13 until September 13. Yeah, he was there through the abysmal September 11 debacle and I recall with great clarity waking to the news and honestly wondering if we were living a movie that fateful day. But, I digress… Charlie has grown up big, strong, healthy, and with such minor problems that it has been an absolute physical miracle. And now, he’s going to be six.

We had his birthday party on Saturday at Ramona park here in Portage, and for the first time we allowed him to invite a few of his good friends from school. We sent invitations out to three kids, and two were able to make it. Charlie was ecstatic for weeks prior planning what he and Grayden and Tim were going to do at his party. They arrived and Charlie immediately tore off with them to the play area to be pirates or Jedi, and they had a ball. Yes, as we all know, too much of a good thing can sometimes bring about less than pleasant consequences. And to this end I must stress vehemently that whomever invented the spinning tire swing really ought to be beaten senseless. Charlie, Grayden, and Tim alike were swung to throes of laughter until the inevitable occurred: Charlie yaked all over a small portion of the picnic table. Even NaNa saw that one coming and I must admit I failed to act promptly. And you know, it kind of reminded me a bit of the time, when on my birthday, a group of friends and parents and I went to see ET at the theater and I had eaten far too much applesauce with cinnamon… well, you can imagine the rest. Anyway, Charlie was right as rain after his dizzy spell and went on to eat quite a load of food. Further incidents were averted and he had a blast.

Present time arrived and Charlie was inundated with boxes as he sat down to survey his wealth. every one who came, though unnecessarily, came with a gift for the buddy and I have to thank each and all from the bottom of my heart… I was neither expecting nor anticipating every one to do so and they surprised me quite a bit. We appreciate it more than you know. Charlie rapidly ripped through wrapping paper stopping only briefly to admire his wonderful present and thank those who had gotten the toy or clothing item. His buddies got him a pack of Power Ranger figures and a Transformer Star Wars Mace Windu (my personal favorite, by the way… it’s hard to go wrong with a Transformer/Star Wars combination, it’s akin to peanut butter and jelly for sure), NaNa and PaPa got him a really nice Ninja Turtle back pack for his foray into Kindergarten next month, my bud Doug and Martha (with assistance from his kids, one can assume) got him a two-pack of Star Wars characters based on an included comic book featuring a Storm Trooper Han Solo and Chewbacca, Gramma and Grampa (his greats) got him a slew of very cool clothes, a Lego Set, and a cool Dinosaur to go with his Castle Figures, and we got him a Transformers T-Shirt and a Ninja Turtle toy, and his bro and sis got him another little Lego set. Wow, are you seeing a pattern here? He loves all things Star Wars for sure, so that was chosen as the party theme for the second time. Can’t beat that!

So the party went on just as fun as could be; we swam a bit, played a bit, ate a bit, had some fun games with prizes, and devoured an entire cake that was, as you’d likely guess, Star Wars. Gramma found it and it was really neat. Everyone had such a fun time and four hours just cruised on by. Oh, and Charlie is going to be SIX tomorrow, by the way… I’m so glad I’m here to see that, and I’m so glad I’ll be here for all the future years… 16, 26, 36… SIGH…

Oh, and to those of you who weren’t there who didn’t otherwise let me know, you just kind of ignored the whole thing yet were invited none the less… shame on you. You know who you are and I seriously hope you feel bad about yourselves. I hate to end such an upbeat blog on such a sour note, but at least four of you ought to seriously think about where your family loyalty sits. Yeah, I get to be upset, he’s my son and it’s my blog, so crap on ya!



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