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Archive for August 2007

Thursday: Random Thought Day II: Wednesday

August 29, 2007

Ha! Get it? It’s a joke son, cuz it’s not Thursday! Okay, it’s also not especially funny, either, sorry. So, since I honestly can’t think of one cohesive thought to turn into a single, lengthy subject, I figured I’d just take the cop-out approach and just slather the blog with little crumbs as I wander […]


August 27, 2007

 Just so you all know, I will begin doing regular movie reviews for yet another site (currently I do sporadic reviews for Penguin Comics) called Askew Reviews as soon as the first free (cool) movies come in the mail. For now, here is a review of the style of film I will be watching. Enjoy. […]

A Big Bowl Of Eyes-Scream

August 26, 2007

And now, part four. Pretty basic concept this time. Obviously Boner is still getting used to his cursed hat whereby he can remove something he wants or needs, yet be blown away by the arrival of something so entirely unrelated and disconnected as to render him dumbfounded. Oh, and I think the comic speaks for […]

Something About Kids Part 3

August 21, 2007

     As time purposefully trudges forth, I have come to realize that my children are rapidly becoming more and more insane. No, this is not a fact that has just recently occurred to me, but I suppose I just assumed this would happen far further down the line when, say, I have been eaten by […]

ALMOST cute… almost.

August 20, 2007

Oh this is HYSTERICAL! I discovered this cool little website where you can literally take created shapes, put them in a strip, and make your own little comic! How cool is THAT! So, I think nightly I will update this new little funny business and still do my own artwork on Sunday, Check it out: […]