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Archive for July 2007

Hair Supply

July 16, 2007

     So I started growing this thatch on my chin back in May when I started this new and wonderful job of mine, and I was really ill prepared for the trials and tribulations to follow. Ok, sure, it’s just a beard you say, but I submit that it is not, for it has a […]

Broken Little Wing

July 9, 2007

     So my little girl, Addison,  broke her arm last week. Yeah, that’s right, broke her arm. I get the ever-frightening call from my wife while I was at work telling me that she’d taken a nasty spill and was obviously bawling because of it. Not my wife, Addison. Although I think I distinctly recall […]

TRANSFORMERS… SO Much More Than Mets The Eye!

July 7, 2007

     All hackneyed quips aside, and there were a few (imagine Optimus Prime saying, “My bad…” –and he does-) this movie was an astounding piece of visual achievement. I was positive what I wanted to feel and what I wanted to see going in to the theater, and this movie delivered both, on a silver […]

I Love a -Hey, is that another tractor?- Parade!

July 5, 2007

     So, as it goes yearly with the Fourth of July traditions, we went to a lovely parade in Schoolcraft, Michigan. Now Schoolcraft is, by its very name and nature, a pretty small town with precious little going on at any given time. That being said, however, they put together one serious butt-kicking parade. Well, […]

And The Rockets (BAM!) Red (BOOM!) Glare…

July 2, 2007

     Wow, The Fourth of July is already upon us once again and it seems like just yeasterday I was… well, planning on doing the exact same thing, actually. Except for THIS year, I am working, solidly and gainfully, at a WONDERFUL job and I am not, as was the case the previous year in question, being worthless and irritating […]