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Hot, Hot, HEAT!

     Thank GOD I work in an environmentally-controlled environment because I am relatively certain that I would burst into flames on the outside. This is one of the perils of living in the stae in which we do, that, of course, being Michigan. In Michigan we have basically 2 levels of heat: LOTS, and NONE. If you have to work outside during NONE, there is a distinct chance you can and will freeze your shame right off, but at the very least you likely won’t be sweating gallons of liquid out of every pore. On the other hand, if you have to work outside during LOTS (and I have) it’s almost as if you were still working outside during NONE -that is still wearing your many layers of warmth- only now your shame isn’t necessarily freezing off, but dropping to the ground in its own trail of persperation and slinking toward a cooler area. And this is the very reason why I love our Copy Center: 72 and wonderful.

     Complaining while residing in Michigan is merely pointless and unnecessary since no one is ever happy all the time anyway. Winter takes hold around the end of October wrapping its icy tendrils around you with a chilly vice-grip and only affords you release somewhere into April. Then, as Summer staggers in like a drunken uncle and beats what little of Spring we have into bloody submission, it, too, engulfs you in its swampy sponge of an embrace and mollests you uncaringly until late October. A vicious cycle to say the least, but rest assured, folks will find ways to piss and moan about each and every change. I prefer our Winter, at least that way I am in charge of how hot and how not I am… and I HATE HEAT.

     Right now it is Summer in Michigan and the blanket of smothering humidity has comfortably tucked us in. If I have to spend every single day within the confines of an airconditioned location just to keep from suffocating, something is not right. Oh sure, I love sleeping when I am cold so I can let my covers do their jobs, but if I get up at 5:45 (and I do) and my nipples are rock-solid, the air conditioning has gotten out of control. But, on the other side of the coin, if the chill air of a meat locker is not swirling around our domicile, then I wake up at 5:45 (and, again, I do) and it feels like I have gotten out of a pool. You can’t win.

     So, as always, I will go on suffering through the balmy, fuggy, heavy air of our Summer, listening to people complain -as those same people will do when it is too cold- and go on with life as always. Oh, but I will do it in 72 degree air…. ahhhh, nice.



One Response to “Hot, Hot, HEAT!”

  1. SInce I just moved back to the lovely state of MI from AZ, I can agree with you totally. My place of work is a constant 68 degrees. I’m trying to get used to this miserable humidity, and I hate the clothes sticking to you. Oh well, it could be worse, I could be living in Iceland.

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