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Sorry about the lateness and infrequent…ness (yeesh) of my Blogs of late but I have a large work day and I am currently writing something gruesome and icky for publication. Oh, and Part One of said story will be available on my MySpace page pretty soon. Stay tuned!

So, back to the task at hand: it seems that every business that controls any and all media outlet from my place of living is out to get me and can, also, bite me. We have recently decided to switch our services from the Lord High Mighty Ass Biters known as CHARTER to a somewhat less idiot-filled conglomerate called AT&T. Why, you ask? Oh, because I am sick and tired of forking over every piece of paper money I earn to the cable/internet/phone company just because we foolishly ‘Bundled Our Services” which basically allowed them to slash us to ribbons THREE SEPERATE WAYS! Say, this sure sounded like a swell plan initially, but, as pretty things often do, this one got real ugly real quick. I mean all we really did was have the cool DVR tv recorder box which was, as we later found out to be untrue, supposedly free, and it came equipped with all kinds of extra channels and what not… ah, life was sublime. The we got the sweet high-speed cable connection for our computer, again, so very VERY cool. Oh, and to top off the trifecta of tastiness, we took their phone service for a spin, as well. Guess what? We got skinned! This bundle cost so much per month that I could have paid half our rent with the cost… just scary. This had to end in a hurry, so we called AT&T.

Now these guys were so lovely to us, they bent over backwards knocking off all kinds of costs off just for returning to them with our tail between our legs. It sure sounds cool, too! Not only do we get our regular, cheap-o phone service back, but we also get new internet via DSL which is actually going to be faster for cheaper… figure that one out! Hurray for us! Oh, but the monkey wrench wasn’t too far from the gears on this one, either. As it seems, the television service that AT&T offers can’t be connected at apartment complexes… only OWNED properties. Good LORD! So, unless I can find some guy to connive to get our Charter service back at on-ness at our place (long story) we could be SOL in that department which really sucks since I can’t STAND HAVING ONLY 3 STATIONS TO WATCH!

So I found this guy to connive to get our tv back on. Seriously, he’s really cool and we will call him Slagathor and he is doing any and everything he can to return us to full service… well, just BASIC full service, that is while we knock chunks off our monstrosity of a bill (again, looooong story). I sure hope he can do it soon, too, since the kids are due to be on Summer Break any time…. NOW, and the wife would sure like to plop them in front of the tube as often as necessary. We need tv NOW!

So there ya go, everyone, EVERYONE is out to get us one way or another. I’m tired of being forced to live under the filthy heal of all-powerful collectives in order to get what we want. Just stop it and give me what I want right now or… or, I’ll ask nicely again. Please?

Stew Miller


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