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Get In Line

It seems copycatting will never lose it’s luster. Just days after the Virginia Tech massacre, our own little burg of Kalamazoo is sponsoring its very own copycat incident! How exciting is that! No, no, not on the western Michigan campus as one would rightly imagine, but at the little college that could, Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Just this morning classes were called off and the two buildings closed (Texas Twp. and Kalamazoo) due to a ‘legitimately serious threat.’ Isn’t that just wonderful. So little of any importance goes on around here on a regular basis that some ticked off mid-term taker needed to call in some kind of bomb or pathogen threat. Look, I take these things just about as seriously as the next resident, but let’s get a little more original here, shall we? Everyone and everyone else knows what just happened a few states to our east, and someone actually had the cajones to try something frighteningly similar NOW! Are you nuts? Did this person honestly believe that this was just going to be shrugged off as an innocent prank? I guess not.

All over the news right now, and last night as well, are postings of the murderer from Virginia talking about all the things he’s done, listened to, watched, written, eaten, smelled and seen in his life time including full-color pictures of him slinging weapons around a generally looking like a psychotic dick, and we wonder why some loopy moron has decided that he (or she) too, needs to take violent matters into hand. I have to say, the media appears to be the catalyst for far too many incidents for this to be any kind of coincidence. I’ll bet my last dollar that by the end of the night, or early tomorrow, we’ll hear that this person is a deranged jackass with delusions of grandeur and a similar M.O. as the Virginia punk WHO HAS JUST SEEN THE NEWS AND SNAPPED. It happens all the time. Just after 9/11 we had many copycat occurrences that were only sparked to life by the media’s slathering of endless coverage for 24 hours a day. People see things on the TV and, with as much false gusto and talent as they can muster, try to re-enact them themselves. Most people are, sadly, incredibly stupid.

We haven’t seen the last of this by a long shot. Give it a few more days and campuses all over the country are going to be shutting down because some student, former or current, is going to get ahold of weaponry and decide to threaten classmates and staff. Peer pressure, indirectly or otherwise, is a powerful thing. Remember when your big brother called you a chicken because you wouldn’t jump the crevasse on your bike while he and the older kids were doing it? You did it because it looked cool and hey, you had the gumption anyway, it was just hidden away ready to be released at the right moment. This is exactly the same thing. These people, poised to strike, are already ticking time-bombs (excuse the expression) and are just looking for something to hit the switch. Look to the media, they’ve got your Huckleberry.

Anyway, I really didn’t want to write another rant about current goings-on since everyone else is doing the same thing… or maybe I did. I can never tell.



So… I was wrong. As it turns out, this person accused of ‘a legitimate threat’ was actually some poor, hapless schmo chatting with a few buddies on line about the VT incident and I guess a monitor within whichever room this particular computer was in though the conversation kinda, sorta looked nasty and wrong. It just goes to show what the effect of the media has on anyone, even if you aren’t a deranged nutjob. Go figure.



One Response to “Get In Line”

  1. I had to rant about the media attention as well today. Living in the area where it occured, I know some people who have been personally affected by this, and seeing that Psychopath with his weapons just put salt in the wound. It was extremly disgusting.

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