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When, or IF, Animals Attack Part 2

     There is, unfortunately, another animal attack that has been brought to a saddened light as of late. Humans are, for all intents and purposes, inherently misguided and lost and when one strays too far off the beaten path, people and peers suffer. A darkened soul of such fallen grace has taken 32 lives on the Campus of Virginia Tech. Cho Seung Hui fell into the category of the typical loner throughout most of his life and, evidently, snapped yesterday taking lives not only within classrooms, but also inside a dwelling. As of this writing no one is entirely certain why a person like this would suddenly, and without remorse of any kind, appear at a seemingly random college campus and go on a killing spree ending with the taking of his own clouded soul. What can be done? Should campuses all over the country expand their security? Should more power be put into the hands of the students themselves? I have no idea. I’ve heard solutions ranging from policing individual classrooms to arming everyone to the teeth for personal protection. Anyway you look at it, sadly, this could easily escalate into the very thing we are desperately trying to fight against in Iraq and Afghanistan. One massive shooting such as this, in similarity it seems to Columbine and the Amish school massacre in many ways, could lead to any number of differing finales that, I believe, no one wants to see on our soil. One animal attacked and, terribly, ended the lives of 32 completely innocent students and faculty. It is unforgivable in the eyes of so many, and unpunishable without someone alive to take the blame. I have no clear idea on how this is going to end in the near future, but I believe firmly that things are going to start changing in a lot of ways. I send my heart felt condolences to every affected family and friend of these brave souls.



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