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“Here Comes The Sun…”

So just a speedy update on the melancholy writings of my last entry: many things; things of huge importance and major significance, have begun to vastly improve. Seriously. Not only has the last blog become, quite possibly, my most-replied to message from AT LEAST four of you, but it has made me feel so much better about things that I have taken up square dancing and wearing pretty hats. No, maybe not either of those, but I have, thanks in huge part to my buddy Doug, secured a job a Pitney Bowes within the Pfizer Company. I’m not going to go into huge detail about just what it is I will be doing, since I don’t physically start until Monday, but I will say that it is from 8:30-5 five days a week and it’s a full-time, for all time, career-type gig… FINALLY. I honestly couldn’t be happier if Scarlett Johanssen were sitting on my head chucking hundreds at me while singing Rush tunes. And, due to the fact that Douglass is a Christian and a half, God had SO much to do with this. End of story. Good… good, let’s move on.

So I think I’ll just fill space this time with some exceedingly random thoughts and amusing discoveries, cool? Cool. So, anyway, Don Imus got his dumb ass fired over his ‘nappy-headed ho’s’ comment made about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team. Frankly, I could fill time talking about something I actually give three squirts about, but since it’s a news item and bound to hang around for a tic, here goes. Yes, we currently reside in America, easily the most progressively free-speaking nation in the galaxy. That being said I still have to believe that common sense and a small shred of moral fiber must be held when you, as a Nationally Syndicated radio personality, spit forth your verbal inanity at your audience. De-evolving into the type of person who feels it even remotely necessary to use such personal jabbings as Imus did at an entire team of well-respected women ON THE AIR deserves any and all punishments he gets. There, now maybe that living, breathing dinosaur fossil will shut his ass-faced trap.

So this stupid war keeps careening itself into oblivion. You know, at first, back when we were all a little angry over the atrocities that occurred on September 11th, returning the favor to Iraq/Afghanistan by turning their collective nations into parking lots seemed like the kind of retribution we could all get behind. Now that the underlying themes have become: a) Vengeance for the President/his father’s failure, and: b) oil, things have gotten exhaustingly out of hand. Four years ago, evidently, the oppressors officially ‘fell’ and freedom reigned. Okay, so then we started getting bitten on all sides by ‘insurgents’ and ‘other naughty bad people’ so thoroughly that we’ve had to flow troops into the battlefront at a pretty steady clip just so we can ‘overwhelm’ the opposition. Or, Bush has yet to win enough by basically turning the country into a parking lot only with 100% more democracy. There is no winning here folks, just a vicious circle doomed to repeat ad nauseum. I love our freedom-fighting troops, don’t get me wrong, but I’d bet some of them might agree that enough is enough, already. Oh, and Mr. Bush, the big clock on your oval office wall is ticking, buddy…

So the Red Wings won game one last night pretty handedly over the Flames, 4-1. My DOG Zetterberg is back in the line-up after twenty games out with a back injury and he, for lack of a better term, burned the Flames (hmmm…) with his fresh speed and strength. Datsyuk, scoreless in a playoff game since, I believe ’03, finally broke his personal curse last night by smacking a really nice bloop past the goalie. I believe if we keep this pace over the next games of this series, and with the hopeful return of Bertuzzi next game, oh, and not having won the cursed President’s Trophy, we could have a decent shot at the Cup, again. Go Wings.

I’ve been drawing a lot lately, and if you haven’t been over to my MySpace page to check out the work, you really ought to. I have games up, lots of fun family pics, and my artwork on there, too. It’s nice to be back to what I enjoy once again, along with this writing thing, too. So here’s the link:

Okay, I guess I’m done for this little snit. See ya next week sometime and I’ll update you on the cool new job. In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other.”



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  1. Congratulations on the new job, Stew!

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